1415 Rabbit Run Road
Goodview, Virginia
Welcome to our Smith Mountain Lake home!
Our home was custom built for us starting in late fall of 1990. We moved in on June 16, 1991. Our builder employed skilled carpenters and sub-contractors. Only top quality materials were used in the construction. A lot of TLC was put into our home and we have meticulously maintained it over the years.

Initially we played on the lake weekly. We constantly had folks over to ski, cookout or go fishing. However, as the years have passed, we find ourselves no longer taking advantage of the docks and water. We have several acres of farmland not far from here and our wish is to leave all this behind and build again. We would never move far from Goodview. We are too connected to our church, family and friends.

Browse through the pages. Hopefully what you see will appeal to you and you will contact our agent. Thanks and God bless!

Paul & Patsy Sutherland